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Bubble Guppies!

It’s been about two months since I’ve last updated my blog! I haven’t been quite as committed to updating as I use to be, but I promise I will try harder! I’m receiving so many emails from clients with pictures of their cakes for me to add to my blog, so I want to be able to share all those great photos with you all!!

Instagram is just so much easier to just upload photos on… -___- follow me at elemakescakes if you aren’t already! =)

Here was my first bubble guppies cake!  I had never heard of these little guys before this order was taken, but they’re just so darn cute! I can’t wait to make more!!

The wires actually held goldfish on them, I just forgot to take the picture with them on it!

Closer look at all the details that went into the cake!

Certainly a fun cake to have made!

Air Balloon Baby Shower

Xin asked me to make a cake for her baby shower. She had chosen a vintage air balloon theme, and really wanted to keep everything clean and simple. She sent me some images of things she liked, and we made them into desserts! Yum!

Matching cupcakes as well!

Her set up looked amazing!!

Look how happy the mommy to be was! =)

Motorcycle Cake

Ezzie wanted me to make a cake for her husband’s birthday. He owns a Harley so she wants to make a fondant version of it and put it on top of a cake. The design was simple, yet perfect!


Scientist Minion!

Nanette wanted to order a special birthday cake for her sister. Her sister is a bio engineer who loves Hello Kitty and Minions! So… we came up with this cake for her!

She loved it! YAY!

The Perfect Cake for a USC lover!

Marlene wanted to celebrate her sister’s birthday with a cake made especially for her! She is a huge USC lover, especially their football team. She came up with the perfect way to incorporate football, and keep it feminine as well.

I love ruffles!

Kitchen Aid Baby!

Cherry requested a birthday cake for her daughter who loves to bake! She’s so young and already knows she loves to bake! She’s definitely my kind of kid! Cherry even told me that Madison herself requested a Red kitchen aid mixer for her birthday, not a “pretend kids” one, a REAL one! AMAZING! So Cherry sent me some cute pictures of Madison and we came up with the perfect cake for her!

She really enjoys making these “Happy Kitchen” packages!

With some Happy Kitchen cupcakes!

Pictures from the party!

She’s so perfect!

Baptism Cake

Diane, who found me on instagram (which is now quite common for my clients! YAY!) gave me the privilege to make her daughters baptism cake. She wanted to keep the design simple, and pink of course! This cake is definitely one of my favorites! It was really so simple in design, but so perfect for the occasion!


Fitness Cupcakes!

Diana wanted to order fitness cupcakes for her friend’s birthday. “Fitness cupcakes”? that has to be some sort of oxymoron… right? hehee jk. Alfred is not only a fitness junkie, but also a Zumba instructor! I LOVEEEE Zumba! So obviously I had a lot of fun making theses!

Oh! Katy Made It!

Katy has a gift for arts and crafts. She one day posted on her instagram a picture of a crochet unicorn she had handmade herself. Of our course I quickly called her and begged and pleaded for her to find time to make me one as well, which she easily agreed to do so!

I had to somehow pay her back for taking the time to make this darn cute thing! And so I did, the best way I know how, with a cake!

Her boyfriends birthday was coming up so she wanted to get a cake with all his favorite things on it!

Too bad she herself was missing from the design of this cake! hehee.

Man and his best friend of course, in edible form!!

If you would like to see more of Katy’s wonderful creations just look here!!

A Gwen Birthday

Chris asked me to make a cake for his birthday. He actually asked me to make him a cake for his birthday last year but I was so booked I couldn’t fit it into my schedule. So I knew I HAD to make him something amazing this year. For as long as I can remember, Chris has loved No Doubt and Gwen. So this was the perfect cake for his birthday! He also thinks he’s Asian… so the Harajuku Lover fits perfectly as well. haha

He use to be fat. Now he’s stick thin! I hate him.

He told me to write that! Happy birthday Chris!! Glad I was able to celebrate with you this year!


Vicki asked me to make her a special cake to help celebrate her boyfriend’s “Nerdy Thirty.” So cute, right? He’s a huge Simpson’s fan so she knew this would make the perfect cake!

Too bad it wasn’t donut or jelly flavored inside!! NEXT TIME!

Jordan 11 Breds

Rosemarie asked me to make a groom’s cake for her husband on their big day. She sent me a picture of his favorite shoe, and I went to work!

Details are everything! Loved this shoe!

Engagement Party Cake

Mindy and Ryan asked me to make their engagement party cake a few months ago. Mindy knew exactly what she wanted the cake to look like and said “if this sounds too crazy or complicated we can do something else.” Crazy and complicated? Neeeeeeeeveerrrr! =P If given enough time, I love a challenge! If given a few days, you better pick a design I’ve already done a million times over if you want a last minute cake! ahahahha just kidding?

Although this wasn’t exactly how Ryan proposed to Mindy, she still wanted this romantic scene to be their cake. They’re both huge Dodger fans, so it’s really quite perfect!

Close up of the figurines!

I REALLY had fun making this cake, and Mindy and Ryan are such a great couple to work with each and every time they order! Congrats again you two!!

Tecate Cake

Betty asked me to make a cake in the shape of a Tecate six pack. It was my first 6 pack shaped cake, so I was pretty nervous about it. But in the end I was pretty happy with the results!

and they were just happy with their cake! Yum!

Monster Bash!

Jill asked me to make some desserts for her son’s 1st birthday. She had planned for the party to be a monster bash, so she sent over some pictures of how she planned to decorate. She was very open to ideas on how to make the dessert table as cute as possible! I absolutely LOVED the theme, so making the cakes were easy!

This was what she sent over:

And here was her main cake!

Two side monster cakes!

Colin’s personalized smash cake!

And of course some cupcakes!